20 Things To Do With Your Instagram Pictures

20 Things to do with your Instagram PhotosA few weeks ago a friend and I were talking about how rarely we get photos printed anymore. We’ve lost so many images to crashed hard drives and obsolete social media sites – it’s a bit tragic! So when HuggleUp asked if I’d like prints made from my Instagram photos, I thought it was a great time to start getting physical copies of my photographs and incorporating some of them into fun DIY projects.

HuggleUp works through an app that you can download to your phone to order prints of your photos as polaroids, squares, or magnets. You can pull images directly from your phone or through Instagram. They’ve even incorporated their own HuggleBot technology and if you want, their algorithm will analyse your Facebook data to identify meaningful events in the lives of your closest friends and family and generate customised gift ideas for them. It’s an adorable concept that matches the company’s super cute branding.

The prints themselves are gorgeous; the colours are vivid and they come on really thick, semi-matte cardstock. I’m really impressed with the quality and have been having a lot of fun finding different ways to use my photos.

If you want to get more of your photos printed, but aren’t sure what to do with them, here are my favourite ideas:

heartCreate a geometric pattern on a notebook. Or try photo polka dots.

heartCraft a personalised birthday card for a treasured friend.

heartString them onto ribbon to create quirky bunting to hang around your room.

heartAdd colourful details with embroidery to make customised art that you can frame.

heartMake a simple photo wall clock.

heartScrawl an encouraging quote across one and stick it to a bathroom mirror or leave it on a bus for someone to find.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 presetheartStick one inside a card and mail it to your BFF.

heartCreate a mini scrapbook.

heartWrite your favourite quote on the back and leave it between the pages of a library book.

heartMake photographic gratitude lists in your art journal.

heartStick them around the frame of your mirror and smile everyday while you’re getting ready.

heartDecoupage onto wooden coasters and frame them with sequins.

heartUse them instead of name cards at your next dinner party.

heartWallpaper the side of your dresser – or an entire wall!

heartCreate an annual time capsule. We get so caught up on snapping our next photo, that we don’t always look back on all of the wonderful memories we’ve captured. Print out your favourite photos from the past year and put them in a box or create a mini album. Look back on it a year later and marvel at all of the exciting moments you had.

heartScribble sweet nothings on the back and leave it under your lover’s pillow.

heartSave space for your favourite Instagram snaps in your travel journal & stick them in when you get back.

heartPlace a photo of a funny memory next to your credit card so that you can’t help grinning whenever you open your wallet.

heartSend one to your mom (she’ll love it!)

heartCollect mismatched vintage frames and cover a wall with memories.

How often do you get photos printed? Do you have any fun ideas for making sure they don’t get stuck in the back of a drawer?

Love, googly eyes, & heart-shaped sunglasses.

East London is for Heroines

K.Rothman(Sarah)-1172My dear friend Xandra launched an exciting new project this week! Heroine Training is a website dedicated to providing you with you the tools, the lessons, and the adventure necessary to living and owning your story. Xandra believes that heroines don’t just exist within the pages of our favourite books and that becoming one is simply a matter of declaring it. Through a series of lesson plans, travel guides, and e-courses, she’s going to show us how to do just that.

This week, Xandra posted the first lesson plan for heroines-in-training: a gorgeous guide to keeping a personal journal. Soon you’ll be able to add more magic to your life by enrolling at Blogwarts or get inspired by signing up for a subscription to letters from Jane Austen. I’m honoured to be guest blogging on Heroine Training today, sharing my guide to East London.

More than anywhere in the city, East London has stolen my heart. And to me, it’s the perfect place for becoming a heroine. The technicolour streets are lined with independent cafes and restaurants that are perfect for a day of scribbling or dreaming up your next project. And I’m constantly inspired by the small business owners, artists, and market vendors who are bringing their own dreams to life. Where else can you go to a morning rave, walk to THREE city farms, and bump shoulders with anonymous creatives and celebrities alike?

So, let’s hop over to Heroine Training and I’ll take you on an adventure around my favourite neighbourhood!

Love, neon graffiti, & urban farm animals,




P.S. If you love East London as much as I do, consider contributing to East London Mornings on Kickstarter. They’ve created a a poetic art guide to…you guessed it, mornings in East London. With a pledge of £10 or more, you’ll receive one of the guides once they’ve been printed.


Photograph by Katherine Rothman.

I’m Writing an Ebook!

ebookThat’s right: I’m writing an eBook (of course I am, it’s on my birthday list)! It’s called The Daydream Revolution and I’m planning to launch it this fall. But as of tomorrow you’ll be able to sign up for my (shiny new!) newsletter and receive a free MP3 copy of the introduction.

So what’s The Daydream Revolution all about?

It’s a guide for dreaming wildly and making your most radical wishes come true.

But this isn’t about passively wishing for good things to happen to you. It’s a down-and-dirty manual on getting out there, making magic, and creating the conditions for your dreams to become a reality. What I’ll promise is that this book is equal parts inspiration, motivation, and practical get-it-done advice for making even your most fanciful, pie-in-the-sky goals come to life.

Each chapter will be chock-a-block with real-life stories, inspiring quotes, tips, and exercises to help you get clear on what you really want and then make it happen.

Whether it’s a lack of money or self-confidence, or if you just have no idea where to start, we’ll bust through the blocks that have been holding you back and look at the very real ways you can create the life of your dreams and work towards generating everything you desire.

Let’s reclaim the art of daydreaming and spark a revolution. Starting with yours!

Stop back tomorrow to get your free copy of the introduction. I’ll keep posting sneak peeks along the way and if there’s anything you’d like to see covered or that’s holding you back from your dreams, I’d love to hear!

Love always,

Tattoo Talk: An Interview with Siarn Engels

siarn1Siarn Engels, 19, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, 2012 Tattoo Company

Like many tattooists I love, I discovered Siarn’s beautiful work on Instagram and have been following her ever since. I love how she is able to gracefully combine detailed blackwork with colourful feminine pieces. And of course I was instantly drawn to her magenta pixie cut!

How long have you been tattooing? Almost 4 years

How old were you when got your first tattoo & what was it?
I got my first tattoo when I was 13, my dad is a tattooist and my mum managed to convince him to do it; it’s a Japanese lotus flower on my back in between my shoulders.

Do you have a favourite tattoo of your own?
I’d have to say my finger tattoos on my right hand, done by Grace Neutral. They’re a whole bunch of alchemy symbols and things we made up. I just picked out a few symbols I like and she just drew all over my fingers in sharpie then tattooed them. It was such a wonderful experience and I’m glad I have such a special reminder of that day.

How did you get started in tattooing? What was the journey that brought you from there to here?

Well I’ve always drawn a lot ever since I could pick up a pencil, and when I grew up a bit, I was about 10, I met my dad for the first time (He moved away when I was little) and saw all his tattoos and learnt all about his tattoos and how he does them and stuff. I was obsessed ever since that moment and just kept drawing to try to get good enough to one day be a tattooist too. A few years later I finished school and was just designing stuff for friends and family to get tattooed and my brother who was getting tattooed by the owner of the shop I work in now and he saw some of my other drawings and offered me an apprenticeship.

Did you have an artistic background before you started tattooing?
Not really, I’d just drawn a lot. I never had any formal training and I sucked at art in school

How have your thoughts about tattoos and being tattooed changed over time (if at all)?

They’ve changed a lot as I’ve progressed in the industry, they’re constantly changing. Because tattooing is an industry that is constantly evolving and changing. I just try to keep up wit the latest styles and trends that emerge and try to learn as much as I can about every aspect of the industry as a whole. That’s a big reason why I love my job so much because you need to be constantly improving and trying out new things just to keep up with everyone else because with all this new information and technology there are so many ridiculously talented artists out there that are just taking things to a whole new level

How would you describe your style of tattooing?
Honestly this is such a hard question haha. I do a lot of different styles so its hard to put a name to what I do, I suppose you could say its detailed work with a feminine flair and an emphasis on bright colours and solid blacks.

Who or what influences your work?

I’m influenced by a lot of things actually, nature, clothing, movies and shows. Whatever really. Some artists in particular that I really draw inspiration from and admire are Grace Neutral, Thomas Hooper, Deryn Twelve, Hannah Snowdon, Jondix, Sam Clark, Derek Noble, Sam Rulz, Avlaro Flores, Corey Divine, Thomas Thomas, Jo Harrison, Little Swastika, Gerhard Weisbeck.

Thanks, Siarn! You’re such a talented woman and it’s inspiring to hear how much you’ve grown through progressing with your artform.

Love, sacred geometry, & pixie dust,

The Expat Diaries: An Accent Update

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetIt’s hard to believe that it’s been three months since I posted my accent vlog. Time really does fly when you’re having fun! That being said, so much has changed since the last video – all in really amazing ways. I even have a brand new hair colour! And I couldn’t be more excited to see what the next few months have to offer.

As promised, I’ve filmed a new little video to keep track of whether my accent really is changing from living in England. I hope you’ll give it a watch and let me know whether I sound any more English than a few months ago. And one day I’ll even figure out how to take a video of myself that’s in focus!

So what do you think: has my accent changed at all over the past few months?

This is such a busy and exciting week for me! On Wednesday I’ll be announcing an exciting product, on Thursday I’m attending The Blogcademy mixer and on Friday I fly to Berlin for The Blogcademy workshop. What are you up to? I’d love to hear!

Love, cheesy tourist photos, & international adventure,

Photographs by Soops, check her out on Twitter and Instagram.
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