LML: february edition.

It’s been quiet around these parts lately, mostly because my life has been anything but quiet. As a result, I’ve thought about blogging a lot more than I’ve actually done it. To tell the truth, February beat me up a little bit and now, almost a week into March, I’m only starting to get my groove back.

It’s not that anything particularly awful happened. I was just busier than I can ever imagine being and put an unhealthy amount of pressure on myself. Instead of making space to stop, breathe, and nurture myself through a difficult time, I just kept pushing and let self-care fall by the wayside. As a result, the whole month felt long and difficult.

But, living the blessed and miraculous life that I do, there were still many treasured memories made along the way. So, here’s a little recap to share some of the fun things I’ve been up to.

I went to a panty-themed party featuring panty-peeling cocktails (gin & champagne, anyone?), thong-shaped cookies, and very appropriate decor. It was really nice to have a chance to just hang out and be silly with a bunch of girls, most of whom I didn’t know very well but who are all so fun and creative.

During our most recent trip to Detroit, Elyse & I met the legendary Grace Lee Boggs. This 96-year old dynamo has been active in every social movement of the past 80 years. She’s such an inspiring example of the power we all have to change the world. You can look forward to a great interview with Grace in the first issue of The MASON.

Detroit has a reputation as being a desperate, desolate, and violent place, and there are good reasons for that. But, if you take the time to look behind this gritty surface, it’s hard not to be touched by what you find. Across the city, people are finding hope in a hopeless situation and using creativity to create a better world. When we’ve visited, strangers have welcomed us into their homes, introduced us to their friends, and offered tremendous support in this incredible journey that is The MASON. I’ve definitely fallen head over heels for the D.

On that trip to Detroit we also got to meet the bass player, Ralphe Armstrong, another living legend from Detroit. This man has played with everyone from Aretha Franklin to D-12 and having brunch with him will definitely be a memory I treasure forever. We talked about everything from Whitney Huston’s death (we met him the day after the singer passed away) to Detroit’s up-and-coming music talent and the band Ralphe would most like to play with. You’ll have to pick up the first issue of The MASON to find out those juicy details, but I can tell you he is a funny, funny guy as well as an extremely welcoming and kind person.

All of the long hours has meant many a day spent curled up in coffee shops, because if I work from home for too long I start to go a little cray cray. ;) I’ve kept myself going with many-a caffeinated beverage and fresh baked treat.

I dyed my hair pink and this announcement received more comments than this little blog had ever seen before.

I also discovered the vegan heaven that is Fressen when my mom took me out for my birthday. Mushroom-stuffed phylo pastry in a spinach cashew cream sauce? Beer battered tempeh fish styx? Thick corn noodles in a white wine and celeriac reduction? I’ve seriously been having dreams about this place!

It’s become a tradition that when my mom comes down to visit for my birthday, we go out shopping for my gifts together. While she was buying me a different dress at Cabaret Vintage, I had a chance to try on this stunning vintage Dior, which was designed by the legend himself! While it wasn’t a perfect fit (and it was totally out of my price range), it was so much fun to try on and imagine who might have worn it originally. Isn’t the fabric exquisite? If you’re a vintage lover and find yourself in Toronto, I can’t recommend this shop enough.

I took my birthday as an excuse to sample every vegan treat that crossed my path. This was a fantastic vanilla bean cupcake at Fresh.

Samples of these Kiss Nail Dress stickers got sent to the magazine and I had to give them a try. Tacky or not, I thought the print was so much fun and they look great with my pink ‘do. (I’m also obsessed with my new mala from Tiny Devotions).

Since I was little, I’ve always stretched my birthday festivities out for at least two weeks. It was so great to spend time with my mom, brother, and dad in the weeks prior. On the big day, I got really dressed up and went out to my favourite sushi restaurant with some of my closest friends. Thanks to my dad, it was actually my second time there that week. As it’s home to my favourite crunchy, spicy avocado roll, that was totally okay by me.

Our regular waitress even brought this special treat for me at the end of our meal. We passed it around the table to share and it was such a nice way to end the evening.

Somehow, my friend and I showed up in matching outfits! It was totally a coincidence, I swear. Great fashionistas dress alike? I think so?

On Friday, we rounded off the festivities with kir royales at my place before hitting the town. The perfect birthday weeks, if I do say so myself.

I was a spoiled rotten birthday girl and although it was a challenging month, I got to see how many opportunities are waiting for me. With life staying busy for the forseeable future, I’ve renewed my commitment to taking time for myself and stopping to enjoy the ride.

What are your most special memories from February? Do you have anything exciting planned for March?


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