tattoos at the kitchen table.

Last week I got tattooed at my friend’s kitchen table. True story!

A group of us were hanging out to celebrate the beginning of a new …er, initiative (you’ll hear all about it soon!) We had a fun, girly evening eating cake, drinking champagne, watching The Virgin Suicides, and, that’s right, getting tattooed. At a kitchen table.

Perhaps you’re wondering what a friend of mine asked: is that safe? I promise, we were careful. I wouldn’t let just anyone poke me with needles. If you’re an aspiring tattoo artist or thinking about letting a friend tattoo you, do your research. Do everything you can to keep your environment and tools sterile. And understand, you’re taking a risk. Blood infections are scary. Okay, end disclaimer.

Aren’t the tattoos the girls got so cute? I missed taking pictures of an adorable bone ring and ‘badseeds’ written on someone’s ribcage. I love how each of them turned out.

Especially my little punctuation marks! Obvious picks for a writer/editor perhaps. I’ve always thought ampersands are so beautiful and I find semi-colons strangely romantic – they connect two ideas that are independent and can exist separately, but are somehow intrinsically related. In other words, they’re interdependent. Kind of like love, right? I know, like A. said, “You nerdy romantic.” It’s true.

I’m a big fan of tattoos, and body modifications more generally, so I’m sure I’ll write more about them. I’ll definitely show you my first two tattoos, and I have plans for a few more in the future. ;)

Do you have any tattoos? Would you ever? I’d love to hear the stories behind yours!



  1. Britt Gristey says:

    I’m sure back in homeschool I never seemed like one to get a bunch of tattoos, but I just got my 7th, 8th, & 9th ones last thursday. haha
    In the order of when I got them, I have the Aerosmith wings with a “b” in them (my mom was adamant that I NOT get the Aerosmith symbol), “it’s all right” and the corresponding music notes from “Here Comes the Sun” on my wrist, I have an antique key with my parents, brother and my birthstones in it, birds & the words “and the songbirds keep singing” on my foot (done as two separate tattoos. The words were an afterthought), the baseball from the movie Major League, the words “I will love and have no fear”, “too legit to quit” on my foot, and a little anchor on the side of my heel. Plus I already have plans for more! Who woulda thunk! :)

  2. Britt Gristey says:

    *friggin auto correct. High school

  3. Steve says:

    No tattoos, don’t think I’ll ever get one….. You know me S I’m as boring as they come

    Nice tattoos though love the ; &

  4. I got a tattoo for myself for my 60th birthday! I spent hours trying to find something pertinent and ended up have my horoscope, Scorpio, sign, which is an “M” with a devil’s tail. “M” is also the initial of my first name.

    I proudly wear my tattoo on my left clavicle – I wanted to be able to see it too! Lots of adults are a bit shocked, but my granddaughters love it!!

  5. Tea says:

    I love your new tattoos and your description of their meaning is all the more romantic. I am right there with you on the ampersands. Gorgeous!


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