Escaping the city without leaving town.

This is a long weekend in Canada, which I love because it feels like having two lazy Sundays in a row. My mom came down for a visit and yesterday she had the opportunity to meet someone who’s become very special to me. We ate a delicious brunch at Fresh before hunting for treasures at the Sunday Antique Market. Even though I didn’t buy anything, I had fun dream decorating my future office and imagining the histories of the objects that caught my eye. Afterward, we sauntered around the Riverdale Farm, giggling at goats and enjoying the scenery. I swear there’s no heartache or soul sickness that breathing in that hay-infused fresh farm air and staring at a horse won’t fix for me. It was lovely to spend the day at two of my favourite east end destinations and escape the everyday hustle and bustle for an afternoon without even leaving the city. Here’s a peek at our adventures…

And a few Instagrams to give you an idea of what I’ve been up to lately …

Celebrating tattoos over onion rings; coffee shops that double as offices; purple lipstick to match my pixie ‘do; library trips for research assignments; espresso drinks with almond milk & coconut water, kitty kisses …

A birthday party in the park complete with glow sticks, colourful flags, and cute kitty cupcakes; 1930s shoes spotted at the museum; a fruity concoction at Fresh (we went four times in the four days my mom was here); raspberries from the farmers’ market; a summery lunch on a patio …

Vegan phyllo pastry at Fressen paired with a grapefruit fizz; if I had room for a typewriter collection, this baby would be joining my Underwood; holding hands in the sunshine; the full moon at a baseball game; sharing a cupcake before bed.

What moments, big or small, have made you smile lately? I’d love to hear!



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2 Responses to Escaping the city without leaving town.

  1. OMG Sarah – those tea cups!

    When I was maybe your age, it was custom for single women to collect those tea cups – each one different, each one elegant, so she’d have a beautiful bunch of tea cups for when she had ‘tea’, as in ‘come for tea’ with her female friends.

    I thought the whole idea was kinda lame and I believe the tradition vanished around the time of my generation. Maybe that happened because we all thought there could be birthday and Christmas presents way better than those cups.

    But you know what? I still have them and sometimes I actually use them! Thanks for the memory.

    • I didn’t know about that tradition; thanks, Marcia! I think they’re so pretty and like collecting them. Mostly I use them to store knickknacks and art supplies around my apartment, but once in a while I’ll clean one out for a cup of tea. :)