Smitten Kitten Saturday // 11

I’m not sure what it was this week but I stumbled upon so many beautiful treasures online. So get cozy with a cup tea and a cute fur baby, and check out what I’m smitten with this week…1These beautiful street photography shots were discovered undeveloped at auction 50 years after they were snapped by a children’s nanny in the 1950s.

2I love the idea of making a few of these heart patterned friendship bracelets.

3I think these photos of young hitchhikers and freight train hoppers are so beautiful. Just as a warning, there are one or two that might be considered graphic.

4This Parisian apartment was found just as it had been left after being untouched for 70 years. Isn’t that amazing!? The photos are so haunting.

5Doesn’t making your own pop sound fun? This healthy cream soda recipe looks delicious.

6These fantasy inspired photos by Kirsty Mitchell are a stunning tribute to the imaginative power of her late mother, who Kirsty lost to cancer in 2008. Aren’t they breathtaking?

7Dawn and dusk are often called the golden hours. These 25 twilight photos are eerie and beautiful.

8Not a morning person? Me neither! These dogs know how we feel.

I’ve been doing Gabrielle Bernstein’s ego eradicator before I meditate in the morning and yes, breathing like that will make you feel like a total weirdo. But it sure seems to switch things around in your brain. It leaves me so calm and centered to do my meditation and that really sticks with me throughout the day. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

What lovely things have you discovered online this week? If you post your own roundups, share a link in the comments.

Happy Saturday!



  1. such a cool collection of collections of photos! thanks for curating them all and sharing with us. =)

  2. Robin S says:

    Thank you so much, these are wonderful!

  3. Those train photos were so awesome! I’m quite moved.

  4. are you kidding me?! this list is amazing! those train photos are incredible, i am obsessed with that parisian apartment, and i was just thinking the other day about how fun it would be to make my own soda. thanks for sharing all of this <3

  5. Amazing! Saves some!

  6. The Paris apartment is so haunting and amazing. It’s a real treasure to find something so untouched like that

  7. The hitchhiker link was crazy- I’ve always wanted to hop a freight train, secretly, in my dreams.


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