52 Weeks of D.I.Y: Paper Bunting Flags

paper-bunting-flagsFirst off, I’d like to congratulate my dear friend Taryn on winning the giveaway with Ashley Jane Illustration. She’s a new blogger and I know she’s been wanting to give her layout a refresh, so I’m sure a beautiful custom illustration will be just the thing.

Okay, confession: I’ve done almost no DIY’ing since I arrived here in England. It’s been a bit discouraging not having any of my supplies with me, as it makes every project seem really expensive to tackle. Especially when I know I’d have so many of the things I need back at home.

Attending the Renegade Craft Fair on Saturday left me really fired up to make something. I’d seen a lovely set of bunting flags made from old book pages, but I just couldn’t justify the expense when I knew I could make them quite easily. On Sunday I picked up a vintage French magazine at a flea market and that evening I got to work while watching the latest episode of Scandal.


This project probably doesn’t necessitate a how-to post and might just leave you thinking, ‘Well duh, Sarah!’ But anyway, if you’d like to make your own bunting flags you’ll need your paper of choice, scissors, a gluestick, and ribbon.

I cut a piece of scrap paper into a template. My triangles are approximately 4×6″ but you can do any size you’d like. I then cut a piece a ribbon a little bit longer than the space above my desk to allow it to drape. I cut triangles out of pages from the magazine using the template and stuck them to the back of the ribbon with the gluestick. A few pieces of washi tape to hang them and ta-da! My room is looking a little bit cuter already.

Have you made any fun projects lately? I’d love some tips for fun D.I.Ys that don’t require a bunch of specialized supplies.

Yours in craft,


  1. I think it is cute and I will be doing this for the holidays!

    So, so excited for the illustration! I never win anything, ever – until today!

  2. Very cute! This would be cute with scrap book printed pages too, or painted letters on the newsprint for it to be specific for a celebration! I really like it!

    • I love that idea! I might have to whip of a glittery Christmas banner. And thank so much for commenting – it allowed me to discover your blog, which I’ve fallen in love with. xo

      • Aw, thank you! That means a lot! I’m really new to blogging, it’s been a different internet experience reaching out and connecting with people, I’m usually a lurker. I think your blog is grande and I think it’s great you moved to the uk to try it out! I really want to move there too, most specifically Glasgow, Edinburgh, London or Brighton.


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