Tattoo Talk: A Recap

tattoos1 tattoos2You may have noticed, I took a month off from the Tattoo Talk series. I’m currently working on exciting new plans for this blog and wanted to figure out where it fits into the future of The Laughing Medusa. It’s surprising how much work it is to coordinate and post an interview series, but I really enjoy doing it and I heard from many of you that it’s a feature you look forward to and that it’s even made a few of your think differently about tattoos.

Before I post new interviews or articles, I thought it would be fun to provide a guide to all of the Tattoo Talk posts we’ve had already, in case you’re a new reader or missed some along the way.

We’ve had interviews with…

Tattooists Harriet Hapgood, Vicky Morgan, Dominique Holmes, Jake Schroeder, Rachel Baldwin, Jean-Philippe Burton, Grace Neutral, and Rebecca Vincent,

Tattoo collectors Ebba Cronstedt, Roxanne Hay, Lynsay Neil, Laura Mazurek, Sarah Morgan, Alice Snape, ReeRee Rockette, Lisa Walton, Alli Woods Frederick, Cazz, Emma Deer, Lauren, Kate, Julie Kesti, and Yael.

Even a laser tattoo removal technician.

tattoos3 tattoos4There was a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and a Christmas Gift Guide for the tattooed and their fans, and last year I made tattoo-themed chocolates.

We chatted about tattoo books and magazines that are worth reading, and which lady tattooers you should be following on Instagram.

I posted the work of Angelique Houtkamp and Peter Aurisch.

I shared some of my favourite quotes on the art of tattooing.

And back when I used to write mostly about my own tattoos, I wrote about my first time & getting tattooed at a kitchen table. I got a teacup tattoo & a tiny feather. I shared the start of my first large piece & inspiration boards for tea tattoos, wordy art, & my flower sleeve.

And now I’d really like your input: what do you think of the Tattoo Talk feature? If you think it should stick around, are there any tattoo-related questions you’d like answered? Any article topics you’d like covered? Anyone you’d particularly like to see interviewed? I really value your feedback and would love it if you’d leave a comment or drop me an email letting me know.

To fuchsia hearts & inky roses,


  1. Personally I love Tattoo Talks and would be sad to see it go however I am super excited to see what your new plans entail

  2. Jade says:

    As a fairly new reader I really enjoy the tattoo articles, I would love to see an interview with Grace Neutral or Wen Ramen. I also loved reading about other peoples tattoos. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be sad to see this series go!

  3. I think the series should definitely stick around!

  4. Great recap! Like I said when you asked people about the Tattoo Talk articles on Twitter: I really enjoy them! I enjoy the featured bloggers the most I guess, I discovered great blogs thanks to your articles.

    Just a thought: a lot of tattoo-artist travel a lot, or live in other countries then their own. Maybe this could be something to bring your articles closer to the main expat focus of your blog?

    Look forward to more Tattoo Talk! :)

  5. I have loved catching up and reading through the interviews since I discovered your blog. This is a great recap and I’m going to work my way through all of these.

    These posts encouraged me to actually move on my most recent tattoo and I’m actually considering a half sleeve now. Craziness.

    Don’t stop posting Tattoo Talk!

  6. Thank You so much for including me in this series. I feel really special to be featured with so many amazing collectors and artists.

  7. i found your blog when you interviewed XO Sarah! and i’m stoked i found it :) keep em coming!

  8. I actually found your blog because of your tattoo talk. I think it is fab and is actually where I am trying to take my blog at the moment.
    I think it’s a fab series. Keep up the good work

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