Calibrating Your Internal Compass.

invisible-wingsIf there’s one thing I took away from Saturday’s Liberation and Love Urban Retreat it’s that we know.

We know what we need.

We know what we want.

We know what to do next.

We know what’s right and what’s best for us.

But if we know, why has being “lost” become an epidemic?

Because we all have so much crap sitting on our internal compass that it could never stay calibrated. There’s other people’s expectations and the things we think we should be doing and the fears and the doubts and the things from the past that we’ve been dragging into our present. It’s all weighing down on us and creating fog and clutter so that we’ve become disconnected from that deep inner knowing.

Being with so many amazing women on Saturday made it clear that we can all recalibrate our internal compass and find that true north. Here are a few simple places to start.

Move your body. Moving wildly and freely gets us out of our heads and into our hearts. This is why I love qoya. It’s a practice in feeling our truth in our bodies. In trusting that we already know and creating a structure for connecting with it. You might have another form of movement that brings you this kind of serenity but if you’re still searching for one, I highly recommend visiting Rochelle’s site and signing up for the free “10 Days to Love Qoya” mini course.

Sit in stillness. Whether it’s a a formal meditation practice or just the daily ritual of walking somewhere without any music or electronic devices distracting you, find ways to connect with the present moment. Don’t focus on trying to force all thoughts out of your mind, just notice what you’re thinking without attachment. Our thoughts don’t have to take us anywhere. When we allow our minds to be still, we make room for our intuition to be heard.

Give yourself space to dream. We can’t create a life we love until we know what that looks like. So often we’re caught up in chasing the things we’re supposed to want or used to want, instead of connecting with what truly lights us up – the dreams that are based on our strongest values and deepest yearnings.

TitlePage-smallAppropriately, I’ve been working on a gift for you that I hope will give you clarity on your heart’s deepest wishes and bring you into alignment with the person you want to become.

It’s called Define Your Dreams and it’s a 30-page workbook for getting clear on what you really want so that you can create a life you love.

Just sign up for my weekly love letters and once you’ve confirmed your subscription, it will pop into your inbox. Easy peasy.

I hope you love it.



Photograph by Luis Montemayor.


  1. glittabones says:

    I love the sound of Qoya! I’ve just watched a video about it and I want to get started!

  2. Love this! It’s so true to think of it like a compass. Can’t wait for the emails.


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