The Teeny Wedding Chronicles: What’s in a theme?

zencamTomorrow marks 4 weeks until our big day! I can hardly believe it. But the boxes of champagne flutes, decorations, and other bits and bobs piling up in our kitchen are a constant reminder that our wedding is fast approaching.

So the question on everyone’s lips is: “How’s the wedding planning going?”

I’m never sure how to answer, so I say “Good!” with a grin and a what I’m sure is a deer-in-the-headlights expression.

Since we’re keeping our day low key and intimate, I like to think that as long as we make it to the register’s office and get legally married, everything else is icing on the cake.

But at this point things are more or less planned. The catering is set. My dress is hanging in our closet. My custom headpiece is in the works. The décor is planned. The cake is ordered.

And yet since we’re DIYing so much of the day, there are still lots of little things to pull together. Creating a playlist. Making yards and yards of glitter bunting. Planning the ceremony details. Ordering the alcohol. Deposits to pay and last minute pieces to order. But I feel pretty calm about the whole thing. As I said, it’s all icing. And day by day, we’re getting there. One little piece at a time.

And since it’s getting so close to the big day, our guests are starting to plan what they’re going to wear and so they want to know: what’s the theme of our wedding?

Well, there isn’t really one.

On our invitations I wrote: “Wear whatever makes you feel good. Bright colours encouraged.”

And that sentiment has been guiding our planning as well. Doing what makes us feel good and incorporating lots of bright colours along the way.

We don’t have a set theme, we just want a day that’s very us.

Our planning process started by deciding on the structure of the day: a register’s office ceremony followed by a late afternoon/early evening reception at home.

This structure dictated the food we’re going to serve. Since we’ll be wrapping things up by 8pm, we didn’t see the need to have a formal dinner. We’ll all just be mingling in our back garden, anyway. Instead we’re having an amazing selection of veggie canapes from Cashew Catering, a beautiful cake from Lily Vanili, and a few homemade sweets.

We took to Pinterest to get ideas for decoration and other finishing touches to make the day feel really special. And then we went on a mass ordering spree from Ebay and Amazon that we attacked in an admittedly hodge podge fashion. We stuck to a vague colour theme of bright pink, burnt orange, royal blue, and gold, but didn’t get hung up on making everything to cohesive. We like the idea of an eclectic day and just picked out the things we felt drawn to.

Rather than feeling like we have to do things a certain way, we’ve let our intuition guide us. I have a vision of how I want things to look and feel on the day, but being flexible and not getting too hung up on everything has allowed our planning process to be organic and relaxed.

I think a theme is a great way to put on a beautiful event or just provide structure within the infinite choices available, but for forgoing one has helped us keep things focused on creating a day that feels very authentic.

Did you have a theme for your wedding? Would you want to?

Love, bubble wands, and champagne toasts,

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