This is London: Lo’s Noodle Factory.

los-noodle-factoryLondon has that ever sought after quality: mystery. I love discovering her best kept secrets and hidden gems. Those truly local spots that make me feel like a real Londoner.

I want to share more of these with you. My favourite haunts. My daily life here. The adventures I go on. You’ve been asking for more of these posts and I’m committed to writing them.

One of my favourite places that feels like a real secret is Lo’s Noodle Factory.

Nestled along one of the back alleys in Chinatown, from the outside it just looks like a grotty back door, with nothing but a tiny sign jutting from the wall to announce its presence.

Many afternoons there’s a line up of patrons waiting patiently for their bounty. But when it’s quiet, you might have to pluck up a bit of courage to step into what seems like an abandoned entranceway.

Inside you’ll find a smiling man, churning out bag after bag of fresh rice noodles that he’ll sell to you for a pound apiece.

And I know what you’re thinking: how spectacular can rice noodles really be? I had my doubts as well, but let yourself be surprised.

These soft, pillowy tendrils will transform any stir fry or Asian noodle dish you want to whip up. Those in the know say they’re absolutely authentic Ho Fun noodles. I love using them to make vegan pad thai or my favourite spicy noodles.

Buying them feels like a mini adventure in and of itself, and you’ll feel like a true blue Londoner knowing about these back alley noodles. Plus, I think you’ll have a hard time going back to packaged noodles after trying these fresh ones. Just be sure to cook them the day you buy your noodles or else they’ll dry out and get stuck together.

Lo’s Noodle Facory is located at 6 Dansey Place (W1D 6EZ). Have you ever checked it out? What are your favourite hidden gems in London, or your own home town?

Love, spicy noodle bowls, and lemonade cocktails,


  1. Ooh sounds fantastic! ^__^

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