IMG_3757My name’s Sarah.

I’m a 20-something magazine editor and freelance writer hailing from Ontario, Canada.

Last fall, I left my full-time job, packed up my teeny tiny apartment in the hipsteriest of Toronto’s hipster neighbourhoods, and sent my cat Henry to live with a friend for a few months.

Sarah (K.Rothman)-0120I got an airplane to London, England where I bounced from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, hostel to hostel. I made frequent trips to the continent, digging into the hidden corners of post-industrial cities, documenting their beauty, and collecting the stories they whispered to fill the pages of my (now defunctmagazine.

For two months I ate pastries everyday, walked through winding cobblestone streets, and stood in front of breathtaking testaments to man’s creative genius. I explored an abandoned-factory-cum-urban-gallery in Berlin and got a private tour of Portugal’s finest contemporary art collection from an eccentric Azorean sculptor. I was bucked off a horse in a marsh in the south of France and ate perogies the size of my fist in Poland. In a word, it was amazeballs.

Eventually, I fell in love with London, so I spent a year hiding out in my hometown, freelancing full-time, and tucking my pennies away. Now I’ve flown back to the motherland & am living my life as an expat (lifelong dream!)

I think life is the cumulative story of the choices you make. So, I’m dedicating myself to making brave, bold, sparkly choices.

I love words, making stuff, riding bikes, taking pictures, dressing up, dancing like a fool, and cooking from scratch.IMG_4693 - Version 2

I’m a long-time vegetarian, a sometimes-vegan, and a sucker for all of the cute, fuzzy animals.

I’m inspired by people who want to make the world a better place, and the cities I find myself in.

I’m attracted to vintage style mixed with edgy, modern elements. I like exploring new places and marking my stories on my skin.

I’m a bit of a political nerd and I’ll always stand up for what I believe in.

I often find it difficult to balance my desire to do good for the planet and my body, with my love of beauty and decadence,
but I’m trying.

The Laughing Medusa is a lifestyle blog. It’s name is inspired by a quote from French philosopher Hélène Cixous, who believes writing, and communicating more generally, are essential tools through which we shape the world around us. While I might not “write in white ink,” in quite the way Cixous describes, I think it’s important to find your voice and then shout it into the world for all to hear. This is my place to express and explore. I think of it as a curated exhibit of my life.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Photos by Xandra Burns, Elyse Moland, & Katherine Rothman.
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