Art // You’re a Doll!

IMG_8123Last night I wandered up the street to Dollirium, an unconventional fine arts gallery that specializes in exhibits of art dolls, for the opening of their latest show, For the Love of Dolls.

While I know of art dolls, because a couple of my favourite bloggers happen to be collectors, I had never seen one in real life. All that changed last night when I wandered into the small, intimate gallery tucked into a house in south London.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, Wikipedia defines them as “created by artists and intended as expressive and unique art objects rather than children’s toys.”

The exhibits at Dollirium include art dolls made by artists from around the world and most are available for purchase. And being purchased they were! Avid collectors were quickly snapping up their favourite pieces to take home after the exhibit closes in April.

The event brought together a fun, quirky crowd of tattooed, doll-loving, creative individuals. The dolls themselves ranged from adorable to downright creepy and the space was absolutely packed with things to look at. I definitely enjoyed this small introduction to an art form I was previously unfamiliar with and I know I’ll be going back to the gallery again.

If you happen to find yourself in London, Ontario looking for an unusual viewing experience, head on down to Dollirum and venture into the art doll scene. But if you can’t make it to the show yourself, here’s a peek at what you’re missing…


What’s your take on art dolls; darling, creepy, totally not art, or oh-so fascinating? While I can’t see myself having a whole collection of dolls staring at me from around my room, you better believe I wanted to take Lola the tattooed lady home!

xx S.

Art // Street Art in East London

It’s hard to talk about East London without making some kind of hipster joke. But since I’ve got a whole rant about the hipster thing┬áplanned for you, I’ll save it for another day. Because what I want to talk about is street art in East London. With its theatre district and fancy galleries, many people talk about the west end as London’s cultural and artistic centre. But me, I’ll always take East London.

Whether you’re walking along Brick Lane or around the uber trendy night spots on Shoreditch, it’s hard to turn a corner in East London without stumbling upon a new creative endeavour. Whether it’s on the side of a building or fence, or inside a gallery or store, there’s always something lively and colourful going on. It’s that kind of vibrancy and energy that I find so captivating. Today I wanted to share a little glimpse of the area through these snaps I took of local street art…

Just looking at these photos is making my heart ache for London. Do you have a favourite piece? I’d love to hear! I think mine is a tie between the “the only time is now” and the crowned boy in the rainbow bubble.

xx S.