7 pretty things from my apartment.

I liked putting together my collection of pretty things so much last week, that I decided to do it again. For a fun twist, I thought I’d give you a peak into the Bachelorette Pad at some of the pretty things I’ve been collecting.

1. This gilded gold mirror is one of my favourite Kijiji finds (I furnished my apartment almost entirely with stuff from Kijiji). I think it adds a touch of elegance to my bedroom and reminds me a little bit of the mirrors at Versailles.
2. A sparkly chandelier ornament that my mom gave me for Christmas. I decided it was too pretty to only be displayed once a year.
3. I was so taken with this gold money tree in a cute little antique shop in my hometown, and luckily my mom picked it up for me as a birthday gift.
4. This romantic panting by the talented Chau Le is the first piece of art I ever bought for myself. It’s so beautiful how the girl’s body blends into the island and the tree, and I love the bits of polished wood that Chau used on the branches.
5. My mom made me this cute piece of embroidery when I first moved to Toronto. It’s a nice reminder to have around.
6. My grandma gave me a few of her charming vintage tea cups last year. I like keeping them out to store art supplies in.
7. This mini Tiffany’s lamp was another great Kijiji finds. It makes the prettiest shadows on the ceiling.

This afternoon I’m reading for an interview I’m doing tomorrow (with one of my personal heroes!!) and in the evening I have a meeting for The MASON. Lots of work to be done, but I’m so excited for all of it.

I’d love to hear about the pretty things in your home and what you’re up to on this chilly afternoon.

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re keeping cozy.


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  1. I adore the money tree! In fact, these are all very beautiful. I love picking up interesting, pretty things from antique stores and the like. My dad just things I’m a packrat.