The Birthday List // 25 before 26

Photo on 13-02-28 at 2.56 PM copyI first read about birthday lists when I discovered Sandy’s old blog. It was  As I became more familiar with the blogosphere, I realized that this is something a lot of people do – creating a list of new things to learn, experience, or accomplish before their next birthday. Elsie, Sarah, and Mandy have all posted lists of their own, just to name a few.

I turn a quarter of a century old today and decided it’s something I’d like to try myself this year, to push myself out of my comfort zone and create a little extra incentive for getting started on things that I’ve been putting off. Over the past few weeks I’ve been pondering what to put on the list and made a note in my phone when a birthday-list-worthy goal crossed my mind. Today I picked and pruned and dedicated the first pages in a new journal (what a wonderful feeling!) to commemorating my selections…

25before261. Learn a song on ukelele. 2. Get head shots. 3. and business cards! 4. Build my online portfolio/professional website. 5. Get my driver’s license. 6. Make crème brûlée. 7. Visit a new country. 8. Understand my camera. 9. Go on a road trip. 10. Make or thrift all of my clothing, or buy handmade. 11. Paint regularly. 12. Take a dance class. 13. Face my fear of heights. 14. See live music every month. 15. Design a line of jewelry. 16. Move to England. 17. Pitch 12 new (to me) magazines. 18. Take part in a reading group. 19 Go to a tattoo convention. 20. Shoot 12 rolls of film. 21 Shoot a gun. 22. 52 weeks of DIY. 23. Read War and Peace. 24. Learn how to do a cartwheel. 25. Practice yoga.

I’ll be sure to post updates as I cross each one off. Whether I get through every item or not, I know it’ll be inspiring to look at throughout the year and provide extra motivation to add more adventure to my daily life.

Have you ever created a birthday list? What would be on yours this year?

xx S.


  1. jessi says:

    I can probably teach you how to do a cartwheel. Also I’m coming with you when you learn how to shoot a gun.

  2. wow you have some big, bold moves in that list! sending all good vibes your way. this is definitely something i’d like to do come my next birthday as well. and starting a new journal with your list is a brilliant idea ;)

    →lauren @ in between idols.


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