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 Hey there fellow tattoo lovers! I’m back with Tattoo Talk today. The format of this feature will likely change in the coming months, so that we can hear from tattoo artists from around the world and talk more about the various aspects of tattoo culture. For now, I have a bunch of awesome ladies lined up to share their tattoos throughout April and talk a little bit about this whole “getting inked.” Today, the amazing Lauren of In Between Idols is showing off her kick ass leg tattoo…

laurentattoo1Lauren, 21, Full time university student/desk slave/soon-to-be advertising intern (hopefully!)/sloth

What is the story behind your favourite tattoo?
This last Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I decided that a dimly lit dinner date was far too boring for our tastes (not to mention we both hate crowded places and where does everyone go on V-Day?) so we booked ourselves tattoo appointments at Rise Above Tattoos in Orlando, FL. We were lucky enough to get slots with Richard while he was guest-tattooing at the shop for a few days before heading back to Europe! I went in knowing exactly what I wanted and where, and Richard did an awesome job at making sure I was comfortable.
This piece on my right leg consists of simple, black outlines of 8 phases of the moon. I was hell-bent on a minimalistic look with lots of white (pale bitch over here!) space. I got just what I wanted, and the whole deal took about half an hour! Sah-weet.
As far as meaning goes, I can’t say there is much of a back story to my leg piece. My parents calling me “Cara Luna” (translates to “moon face”) because I had a big ol’ pale face when I was a child and my astrological sign (something I don’t really believe in, however I do enjoy the mysticism and symbolism behind it) is said to be “ruled by the Moon.” That’s about it. More than anything, I absolutely loved the idea of how it would look on my leg and I’m totally cool with having that be my main point, haha.

What other tattoos do you have and where?
Aside from my leg, I have both outer parts of my ankles tattooed. My right ankle has the words “Step lightly,” and “Stay free,” is inked on my left foot. These two quickies were my first tattoo experience back in June 2012 on my 21st birthday. They are lyrics from my absolute favorite song by The Clash and, although I’d been thinking of the tattoo and placement for a while, I got them on a bit of a whim.

Do you plan to get anymore tattoos in the future?
Oh, hell yes! I have plans for multiple other leg, foot, back, rib, and arm pieces. Moneys, feel free to enter my life any moment!

What appeals to you about tattoos and tattoo culture? Is there anything about tattoo culture that you find off-putting?
I’m not exactly sure when I became fascinated by tattoos and body modification, but I know it was early on in my life. The fact that art has always played a major role in my life also affected my decision to have pieces put on permanent display on my skin. I consider tattooing to be a particularly amazing art form and give so much credit to artists who have made names for themselves in the stigmatized industry.

laurentattoo2Do many of your friends and families have tattoos? Have you received any adverse reactions due to your decision to be tattooed?
Quite a few of my friends (including my boyfriend) and some of my family (one of my sisters and her husband) are tattooed, with their coverage ranging from lightly to heavily inked. I was lucky enough to grow up in a household where my opinion and choices were respected. My parents definitely wish I didn’t have tattoos, or plan to get more, however they’ve accepted my choices. Honestly, they probably realized they couldn’t stop me!
I’ve actually received only positive feedback about my tattoos so far. My boss (who has only seen the tattoos on my ankles) was a bit iffy about them, but not outwardly negative. Besides that, I’ve honestly found strangers talking to me a lot more often at places like the hair salon or grocery store, commenting on how much they liked my tattoo. That being said, I know someday I will have to face some sort of aversion, and I’ll be ready for it when it does happen.

Who are your favourite tattoo artists?
In the future, I’d definitely like to be tattooed by Scott Lukacs at Rise Above. He seemed like the sweetest dude and I checked out this under the sea themed sleeve he was working on while I was in the shop and kid’s got talent! Besides that, I have my obvious ‘dream artists’ like Jasmine Wright.

Do you have advice for anyone interested in getting their first tattoo?
Do your homework! Although my first experience getting tattooed wasn’t terrible, it definitely could’ve been a lot better had I planned the whole deal out a bit better. I highly recommend going to a few shops, meeting different artists, checking out their work, and then deciding where to get tattooed. If the vibes in the place where you are getting your piece done are positive, then your experience will be, too! That concept works both ways.
I’d also recommend thinking your ideas over, but not overthinking them! Also, don’t marry an idea without speaking to an artist first because there are factors that you may not have accounted for, like size. When you come up with a concept or design that you think you want tattooed on your body, go see your artist of choice. Let them help you! I originally wanted the piece on my thigh to be on the outer part of my leg, down by my ankle. The first artist I spoke to made it very clear that I could not go that small with my design. So I adapted, and I’m so glad I did.
Other than that, enjoy it, man! I can’t wait to get back in that chair!

Thanks so much, Lauren! I think you’ll be hearing a bit more from her next week when she shares any awesome DIY project with us, but for now be sure to check out her blog and follow her on Twitter.

Any new tattoos out there in the blogosphere? I’d love to hear!

Happy Wednesday!



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2 Responses to Tattoo Talk // Lauren from In Between Idols

  1. Ah, Lauren, you rock! Such GORGEOUS tats. I love tats and really, all body mods. I find them beautiful, special and fascinating. I have none myself, simply because they are expensive. I have about seven planned, and they are all tats I *know* I want and will love. I’ve thought about them for the last three or so years, know exactly what I want and even know where I’ll go for them. Planning – check! ;)

    Thank you for sharing your tats, Lauren. I LOVE your leg piece. Especially as someone who do believe in all the moon stuff. :D

  2. Let me just say that this tattoo is bad ass. The placement is perfect, really stunning!
    ♥Emma Deer

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