Tattoo Talk // 10 Lady Tattooers You Should Be Following on Instagram

I haven’t posted any Tattoo Talk interviews lately. Partially because I haven’t been posting much of anything lately and partially because I’ve been contemplating whether I want to continue with it and, if so, in what form. Tattoos have become a big part of my life – they’re one of my favourite art forms and I plan on covering my entire body with them over the years. As a result, I run into a lot of misconceptions about tattoos and the industry as a whole. I think it’s important to talk about that, to share the beautiful art that it’s possible to make on skin, and perhaps show that not everyone with ink is scary or a criminal. So it’s likely that Tattoo Talk will stick around, I’m just hoping to make it a bit more diverse and interesting. Today I thought it would be fun to share 10 of my favourite lady tattooists so you can start following them on Instagram…

angeliqueWe’ve chatted about Angelique before and my love for her has only grown since then. @angeliquehoutkamp

beccaTiny Miss Becca creates intricate, feminine designs with rich, saturated colours. She’s on my list of must-be-tattooed-by-artists for when I go back to the UK. @s6girl

danaDana Carnegie is new to Instagram, but I will likely be getting a small piece from her soon so I wanted to share her work. Often when I ask about beautiful work walking around my hometown, I find out that it’s hers. @danacarnegie

emilyroseEmily Rose is an Australian tattoo legend. She does stunningly realistic portraits and exquisitely detailed illustrations. I already know exactly what I’d like to get done from her – now I just have to save up and get myself to Australia. ;) @emily_rose_murray

graceneutralAside from her own stunning body mods, Grace creates beautiful dot work tattoos with the traditional hand poke style (so cool!). Her mandalas are some of my favourites I’ve seen. @graceneutral

irislysIris was my tattoo artist in London and I have to say: she is amazing! Such a fun lady and a talented artist. She’s currently globetrotting with her adorable boyfriend, but be sure to follow her because I know she’ll be doing some guest spots along the way. @iris_lys_cursed

laurenwinzerI only recently discovered Lauren’s work and it feels like fate – I’ve had a design in mind for my chest for quite sometime and it’s exactly Lauren’s style. I love how she pairs feminine, colourful details with geometric patterns. So I guess I’ll be extending that trip to Australia ;) @laurenwinzer

rachelRachel Baldwin’s tattoos are so colourful and fun; and she seems to run the gamut from neo-traditional to a more illustrated style. @rachel_baldwin_tattoos

tracydAgain, I know exactly what I’ll get tattooed by Tracy when I one day have the money. She does such a great job of adding a feminine flair to traditional style tattoos. @tracydtattoos

wolfspitJemma makes the most darling, illustrative tattoos. Often black and white with a slight Victorian flair, I love how simple yet beautiful they are. @wolfspit

Do you follow any tattoo artists on Instagram? Who are you absolutely dying to get work from?



  1. Thank you sooo much! You should also be following @oh_sweetie_darling / she’s a tattoo artist from Pittsburgh, PA and is AMAAAZING.

  2. I LOVE Lauren’s tattoo work. I have been following her fora few years and hope to get a crystal piece by her this year.

  3. Svej says:

    You might like @amandaabbotttattoo – she’s located in Boston, MA. Absolutely love her style. I got one last December and am saving up for three more during my next visit to the US.

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