The Birthday List: Go to a morning rave.

morning-glory-1morning-glory-2morning-glory-3As a teenager, I was perfectly at home in the throes of mosh pits at punk rock shows or flailing my limbs around to ska music, but I didn’t get into raving. Techno has never been my style of music and it just wasn’t my scene. And these days it’s pretty rare for me to stay out all night dancing. I’ve come to relish small gatherings of my favourite people (preferably with champagne and lots of shimmying) and relaxing evenings by myself, so if I do stay up past my bedtime, it’s usually by accident – because I’m having so much fun, and not because I’ve gone looking for a party that never stops.

And I’m really not a morning person. I’d like to be and I’m trying, but my bed is so cosy and sometimes it’s hard to pry myself out of it.

So why on Earth would I want to go to a morning rave?

Because my birthday list is all about trying new things. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Growing. Expanding.

And it sounded like fun.

Morning raves swap the alcohol for coffee. Toss the drugs for green juice. But keep the wild dancing and glittery, neon-infused aesthetics. Except instead of partying until the wee hours of morning, you wake up in the wee hours to shake your buns before work.

On the last Wednesday of every month, Morning Glory descends on the Oval Space in East London. Known as “conscious raving,” the phenomenon seems to have started in London but there are now events across Europe and North America.

I had a day off in lieu last Wednesday, but instead of having a lie-in, I hopped reluctantly crawled out of bed  at 5:45, slipped on a tutu, donned a pair of Crown & Glory ears, smeared my face with glitter, and got ready to dance.

When I arrived, there was already a long queue out the door and the mix of people in work clothes, kids in Halloween costumes (coolest. parents. ever.), and partygoers in elaborate, glittery costumes instantly put a smile on my face. The Morning Glory unicorns were there to greet us, glitterfy faces, and make sure everyone was having a good time.

Once inside, I grabbed an Americano and joined the revelers while we all shimmied to the Ghostbusters’ theme song.

I hadn’t been able to find anyone to go with me, but it didn’t matter. I quickly met a group of women who gifted me with a pair of glasses that make light look like rainbows and pulled me into their ranks. And being on my own pushed me to meet new people and get comfortable twirling on my own.

I stayed for about an hour and a half. As the music changed from cheesy dance numbers to drum and bass I decided to make my way home and prepare for the rest of my day off.

Despite being up much earlier than normal, spending my morning surrounded by colourful, friendly, sober ravers perked me up. I found the whole experience really fun and uplifting. It would be an especially quirky way to start a work day and I’m looking forward to doing it again in the new year.

How about you, have you been to a morning rave? Would you ever?

With stars in my eyes,


Photographs by Nicole Latchana.


  1. I went to a fun run/rave recently but this looks like great too – if you have to get up that early, it might as well be for something awesome!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I too was always going to concerts and moshing during my teenage years, but never got into the rave scene. (Ironically our concert venue was even called The Rave, but they never had raves.)

    Your birthday list sounds like such an awesome idea.

    • Thanks! I have so much fun creating them. I’m already thinking of what I’ll put on mine for next year. Do you write bucket lists or anything similar? xo

  3. I’ve never heard and never been to a morning rave before! It sounds so fun!

    • It was definitely a unique experience. I love that people come up with such unusual, fun event ideas. xo

  4. Wow, this sounds like so much fun! I’m totally not a morning person, but I might make an exception if I got to throw on some glitter and shake my bum first thing in the morning with some awesome folks.


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